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National Professor of Physical Education


National Bachelor of Physical Education





Postgraduate in: Planning and Methodology of Sports Training


BIOSYSTEM - Prov. Santa Fe - Rosario


Member of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute


Latin American Certification of the International Society for Advances in Cineanthropometry (ISAK) Level I and Level II


Associate Professor in Chair:

Planning and Methodology of Sports Training.

National Institute of Physical Education EFIS HACOAJ


Diploma in the Executive Program for the Creation of Sports Brands

Diploma in Executive Program in Sports Management

Degree in Sports Management and Marketing





Academic Assistant Postgraduate Nutrition

Favaloro University



profesor adolfo resnik

"For more than 30 years I have dedicated myself to studying Sciences Applied to Physical Education, personal physical training and the dissemination of the benefits of regular physical exercise, generating well-being. I have coordinated groups of physical education teachers in Gyms of recognized trajectory I have worked in areas of rehabilitation and physiatry, with patients referred from prestigious centers such as INECO and FLENI.

At BYOSISTEM, in the areas of evaluation and planning of strength training in athletes of high sports performance at the level of National Teams.

In areas of physical rehabilitation with patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis

-Institute of Metabolic Research IDIM-.

I am a disseminator of the issues that concern me in different media aimed at health and physical exercise professionals, such as Canal de la Ciudad, Ciudad Deportiva, Sports Medicine, Scientific Publication in gazettes of the Temis Lostalo Laboratory (Biomechanics and Muscle Injuries ) -, Nestlé Magazine and other publications edited by hospitals and social works, such as the Favaloro Foundation or the French Hospital, among others.


I wrote articles for the magazine AVENTURA and for 15 years I participated in television programs in charge of the physical exercise sections such as Movete con Georgina –América TV-, Atleta Urbano, Personal Trainer –TyC Sports-, Utilísima Satelital, Informadísimos –Magazine-, Women 100% -Channel Metro-.


Thanks to my experience and academic training, I am called as a speaker at national and international conferences. I was in charge of lectures on physical preparation in high performance sports, science applied to sports and training planning in training centers and tertiary institutions. I planned and coordinated sports programs for gyms such as Palermo Acuarel, Body Gimnasium, Tarek, Peru Beach, Body Building, Barre Colorate, Body Tech, Coconor, Megatlon. And I developed recreational plans for children in various coastal resorts in Pinamar and Cariló. As an athlete, I dedicated myself to the sport Greco-Roman and free Wrestling, being part of the National Team for 10 years. I was part of the coaching staff for the National Amateur Wrestling Team that has participated in the Olympic games in several editions.


As a result of my passion and constant study, I am part of a small group of professionals, forerunners of the “Personal Trainer” activity in Argentina, an activity to which I dedicate myself full time today.


ICTs have changed customs and today they offer the possibility of giving distance classes, online training to various audiences with the most varied interests and objectives for which I develop a personalized plan, with great effectiveness and results. "


Prof. Adolfo Pablo Resnik


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